Men's Fitness Friday Challenge 07/01/11

News Nick Hutchings
7 Jan 2011

Here's the first Friday Challenge of the year - a total-body corker than will wipe away the Christmas cobwebs.


Firstly, Happy New Year! We're looking forward to helping you get more shredded than ever before in 2011. Cue this Friday Challenge, which serves as both a yardstick to measure your current level of fitness and the first step on the road towards getting into awesome shape. Here's what we're asking you to do:

Do four rounds of the following for time...
– 15 stability ball rollouts
– 20 T press-ups (10 each side, 5kg in each hand)
– 10 bent-over rows (40kg)
– 400 metre sprint

Don't forget to record how long it took you complete because we want you to post your time in the comment box that appears at the bottom of this article. Feel free to use the comment boxes to tell us what you think about this Men's Fitness Friday Challenge and suggest challenges of your own.
If you want to see a step-by-step guide to the challenge (with pictures) and get form pointers, click here.
This Men's Fitness Friday Challenge was shot at London personal training studio Club 51.

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