Stephen Amell interview

28 Jun 2013

The star of hit TV series Arrow sits down with MF's Ben Ince to talk training, nutrition and doing his own stunts

Arrow follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell as a version of DC Comics' classic character the Green Arrow. After spending five years stranded on a hostile island, Queen returns to his home Starling City to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante. The action-packed show is full of fight scenes and acrobatics with Amell doing most of the stunts himself.

Watch the interview for a fascinating insight into the dedication that goes into bringing a comic book character to life on the small screen and making sure the action scenes feel and look authentic. Amell also reveals the moves you should be doing to get a body like his, but if there's one reason you should watch this video it's to see the magic he can work on a pull-up bar.

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