New Year fitness: Reasons to get fit

11 Dec 2009
Reasons to get fit

OK, so that you'll live longer is nothing new, but did you know fitness could get you promoted?

You’ll live longer
Exercise can reduce therisk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. And if you don’t succumb to any of these you’ll be on track to live a long, healthy life. It’s not rocket science, is it?
You’ll be a love machine
A good workout gets the blood pumping around your body for up to several hours after you’ve finished training. This means that if your baby-making appendage is calledto action it’ll be up to the task with minimum effort.  
You’ll lose weight safely
Forget that crash diet – if you want shed pounds without harming your health, you need to hit the gym. Studies have shown that working out releases appetite-suppressing hormones so you can do it without feeling that you’re starving yourself.
You’ll be better at pulling
People who exercise have greater self-esteem and are more satisfied with their bodies, according to research from the University of Ulster. Being more confident will make you more comfortable in the company of women you’re attracted to and more successful with them.
You'll beat the blues
Feeling downbeat? Before you ask your GP for a course of mind-mangling antidepressants, try this natural solution: exercise three times a week. Working out releases your body’s happy hormones – serotonin and norepinephrine – so you’ll be more positive and less stressed without the need to pop pills.
You'll be smarter
Exercise was found to stimulate the growth of new brain cells by a study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. And while working out won’t get you in to Mensa, it might make you a bit better at sudoku.
You'll sleep better
Exercise moderately and not only will you sleep better, you’ll fall asleep more quickly too. Wait until you reach your bed to put it to the test, because waking up in a pool of dribble in the gym changing rooms could be a little embarrassing.
Fitness can help you get a promotion
The first rule of trying to get a promotion is to not take too many days off. According to business advisory firm Deloitte, those who exercise for 150 minutes each week take fewer sick days than those who don’t. The second rule is to do good work. Exercise can also help here because it increases the blood flow to your brain, aiding concentration.

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