Additional Pilates six-pack moves

Workouts Jon Lipsey
1 Feb 2011
Get a six-pack with Pilates

Use Pilates moves to build a cast-iron core without weights.

Do you roll your eyes as you pass the Pilates class at your gym? Have you always assumed it’s an easy option for people who wouldn’t know a real exercise if it dropped a dumb-bell on their foot? Think again.

Trainer David Higgins, the co-founder of TenPilates, has created a Pilates workouts that hit your muscles hard and will help you carve a solid six-pack. Here are three moves from the main MF Pilates workout, which you'll find here.

How to do these exercises

  • You can do all three together or one or two at the end of a standard workout.
  • Do as many reps as you can for two minutes, then rest for one minute.
  • For each move, select a level from 1-3 according to your ability.
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