Henry Cavill’s Superman workout

18 Jun 2013

To get in shape Henry Cavill turned to Mark Twight, the man behind the bodies of 300. Here, Twight explains the process they used

The workouts

Although we recorded every single workout Henry Cavill did, this plan is not exactly that. His individual programme was adapted to his starting condition and specific needs, and you should do the same.

Conditioning phase – sample workout

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Squat 3 20
Jump squat 3 10
Overhead squat with 20kg barbell  3 10
Deadlift with 60kg 5 10 2 min
Front squat with 50-60kg 5 10 2 min
Pull-up ladder (do one, two, then three up to 6) 3 63

Rest between each rung of the ladder for as long as it would take someone else to do the same number of reps

Static hold in forward leaning rest position (plank on hands): Time 5min - split the work as needed – 10x30sec, 5x60sec etc

Press-ups: Any rep structure you want as long as you do 100

Treadmill drill 

Exercise Incline Rest
Run for 8min at 12km/h 0.0 2 min
Sprint for 45 sec at 10 km/h  15.0 30 sec (hop off treadmill using railing) 

Do 6x 45-second intervals.

Warm down by walking it off, rowing or spinning on the AirDyne.

Hypertrophy phase – sample workout

Exercise Time Pace
Ride AirDyne 10 mins East
Exercise Sets Distance
Medicine ball clean to squat to throw with 10kg ball 2 30 m

Clean ball into goblet position, squat with it, and throw. Continue moving forward until you have thrown the ball a total of 30m.

Exercise Reps Rest
Narrow-stance back squat, working up to heavy  10 with 60kg 60-90sec
15 with 75kg 60-90sec
15 with 80kg 60-90sec
Four sets of 15 reps with 85kg  10 minutes
Exercise Sets Reps
Hack squat with 60kg+10 kg of chain 3 12 x 15
Exercise Sets Rest
Seated calf raise with 100 kg 3 in 1 minute  4 minute
Exercise Sets  Reps
Backward step-up onto 25cm box with 2x20kg kettlebells or dumbbells 3 10
Step-up onto 25cm box with 2x20kg kettlebells or dumbbells (no assistance from trailing leg)  3 10
Standing calf raise with 60kg (in Back Squat position) with toes on a 5cm ledge  3 12
Sit up (do not use momentum) 80

Leaning phase – sample workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 20
Jump squat 3 10
Press up ladder Do one, then two, then three, up to 10 

Dumbbell complex

Exercise Reps Rest
Deadlift 6 2-3 minutes
Bent-over row 6 2-3 minutes
Curl 6 2-3 minutes
Upright row 6 2-3 minutes
Front squat 6 2-3 minutes
Push press 6 2-3 minutes

Press-up with one-arm row: 6 reps

Move continuously through each complex without setting the dumbbells down

Once with 2x5kg dumbbells Rest 2-3 min
Once with 2x7kg dumbbells Rest 2-3 min
Once with 2x10kg dumbbells Rest 2-3 min
Once with 2x12kg dumbbells  Rest 2-3 min

Man-maker with 2x12kg dumbbells.

Sets 5 Reps 5 Rest 1-2 min between sets

Go as fast as possible through the reps

Cardio pyramid: Set the treadmill at its steepest incline or the spin bike on high resistance
Go as fast as possible through the reps

60 sec HARD Rest 1-2 min 
30 sec easy Rest 1-2 min
2 min HARD Rest 1-2 min
1 min easy Rest 1-2 min
3 min HARD Rest 1-2 min
90 sec easy Rest 1-2 min
4 min HARD Rest 1-2 min
2 min easy Rest 1-2 min
5 min HARD Rest 1-2 min
5 min easy Rest 1-2 min

Warm down

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I'm buying my GJ full membership tomorrow and I'm so excited.

Gym Jones workouts are not for amateurs.These guys are brutal.

While I haven't considered suicide, this seems to be the best way to do it.

Wat a ridiculous workout. As a trainer I must say it is very very misleading and non beneficial.

Who reckons that Mensfitness need to up their game and present these workout plans more clearly? Personally I think they should come up with a well designed format for presenting these, where it is clearly divided into workout days, exercises, sets, reps etc... In a really easy to follow format. A downloadble PDF option for printing would be the icing on the (sugar-free) cake.

That is the most ridiculous workout i've ever seen, i now remember why i started reading muscle and fitness

Having had access to Gym Jones web site these are not the workouts Cavill did or even close to them.

Yeah, good ol' Muscle Fiction.

Superman skipped leg day

Who needs legs when you can fly ;)

the need to add photos that wil help demonstrat.


Please post how you like it. Is it worth the 500 a year?

Celeb workouts shown on these sites are always an absolute load of tosh. Of course 80% leg work and a light cardio based upper body routine will yield great upper body results....

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