Plan B's new training regime

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30 Aug 2011
Plan B's new training regime | Men's Fitness UK

Trainer Nick Finney is getting Plan B into shape for the new version of The Sweeney. Here’s how.

Since Plan B doesn’t have much training experience, where do you start?
Rather than thinking on day one ‘let’s throw in all the supplements, all the weights and all the cardio’, we tried to build up slowly. We could get him in and get him sick within 15 minutes but that’s not productive. You give him something he can handle and then a month down the line he's using twice as much weight, moving much faster with less rest between sets.
What weights strategy are you using?
When we started, we’d do chest flyes and go on to a Smith machine press, but we’d do one set on the Smith and by the second his chest was cooked. We had to pace ourselves, otherwise we’d be out of there in ten minutes. We’re also trying to balance his body by incorporating isolateral exercises into his training and working opposing muscles in each session.
What about cardio?
Intervals - jog, sprint, jog, sprint. We do two lots of that a day.
Singer, writer, actor, director – Plan B’s a busy man. Has he had any trouble finding time to train?
It is extremely difficult to fit in but he just does it. He’s incredibly focused, he decided he wanted to do it so no matter what, he’s there - he’s never cancelled a session. But it is an incredibly difficult thing he’s done because sometimes he’s come straight in and trained after having slept on the couch at the studio, getting just two hours’ sleep.

So if you’re building up his training, what does the maximum level involve?

At the moment we do three sessions of weights a week and separately on some days off he’ll do cardio as well. It doesn’t have to be excessive because we’re trying to build some muscle. At the apex of his training, which we're building up to, I’d say it would be four hours of weights a week, three hours cardio. We’ve made massive steps without actually doing much in the gym. It’s mainly been through changing his diet and posture. We haven’t focused on weight loss at all. It’s come as a side effect.
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