The perfect travel gym

Reviews Joe Warner
16 Aug 2010
3 travel gym essentials

Pack this lightweight kit to stay fit on the move.

If you want to do effective workouts while you're travelling but don't have access to a gym or much space in your suitcase, these light, minimalist bits of kit are what you need. And on the right is a total-body workout that makes use of them.

1 Gold's Gym Exercise Wheel
499g £6.99
Hit your abs hard with this for a solid six-pack.
2 Tunturi Resistance Band Kit
499g £16.04
Perform a huge variety of muscle moves with this strong and durable stretch band.
3 Reebok Professional Speed Rope
304g £12
A fast and lightweight rope that will enable you to do an intense cardio workout.
Total cost £35.03 Total weight 1.3kg

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