Christmas fitness gift guide

8 Dec 2010
Christmas fitness gift guide | Men's Fitness UK

If you're looking for fitness-based presents to ask for or buy for others this Christmas, check out these top gadgets.

Oregon Scientific ATC9K camera | Men's Fitness UK
Oregon Scientific ATC9K camera

The ATC9K fits on your helmet, handlebars or board and creates a permanent record of your latest adventure – it’s billed as the first HD all-terrain action camera to offer GPS and G-sensor to map your route and record your speed, acceleration and hang-time. It’s lightweight yet robust, making it tough enough to capture the most extreme sports – all with one-touch record – in crystal-clear HD video or 5-megapixel photos. It’s also waterproof to 20m.

£249.99 (GPS plug-in £49.99)
Rip Curl S-Bomb vest and Ultimate jacket package | Men's Fitness UK
Rip Curl S-Bomb vest and Ultimate jacket package

This snowboard outerwear package comprises a battery-powered microfleece vest and a high-performance shell. The vest has an electric panel at the lower back that contains carbon fibre coils designed to warm up your core when you start to feel the cold. The switch-based control allows you to ramp up the heat as high as 45˚C so you stay snug even in truly brutal conditions. The Ultimate jacket is made of a super-stretchy mix of elastane and nylon that offers excellent freedom of movement. It's also waterproof, highly breathable and has anti-snagging cuffs.

2x16kg Wolverson Peripherally Weighted Power Club | Men's Fitness UK
2x16kg Wolverson Peripherally Weighted Power Club

Much like kettlebells, the power club is an age-old training tool that has recently become fashionable again. And with good reason – it can be used to perform a huge number of exercises, and the shape challenges your muscles better than a set of dumb-bells does. These well-crafted ones are nicely balanced, with grippy handles and a vinyl-dipped base to stop them leaving marks on your floors. If 16kg is too light or too heavy for you, Wolverson Fitness offers clubs ranging in weight from 2.5-20kg.

BeaverFit F-350 Peg Board | Men's Fitness UK
BeaverFit F-350 Peg Board

Beloved of wrestlers and climbers, peg boards are great for doing hammer-grip pull-ups, dead hangs and replicating some of the muscle-sapping positions you'd find yourself in during a real climb. This particular model is made of durable hard wood with a varnish finish. If you want a present that's going to increase your strength endurance, explosive power and look good on your living room wall, this is what you should put on your Santa list.

Cushe Tammerack WP boot | Men's Fitness UK
Cushe Tammerack WP boot

A hiking boot that performs well and looks sleek enough to wear around town is a rare thing. Many of the most technical boots on the market can comfortably handle water, mud and scree but are as stylish as a breeze block, while the more fashionable models often lack the tech to cope with the harsher terrain you'll face during a meaty hike. This leather and suede boot from Cushe offers the best of both worlds – it's waterproof and has a breathable mesh liner, a shock-absorbing EVA insole and a grippy Vibram sole while being slim enough to look good with a pair of jeans.

Nike Dri-FIT Men's running gift pack | Men's Fitness UK
Nike Dri-FIT Men's running gift pack

Even in truly baltic conditions, you'll get too hot and sweaty running in a woollen beanie and gloves. What you need is head and hand protection that's lightweight, warm and can pull sweat away from your skin, such as this minimalist hat and gloves combo from Nike. The snug Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat and you can stick them in a washing machine without fear of them going bobbly or losing their shape. The gloves are thin enough that you can use your iPod without having to remove them, which is a boon when it's so cold it feels as if your fingernails will drop off if they're exposed.

Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles | Men's Fitness UK
Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles

Goggles with a computer screen in the lens might seem impossibly futuristic but in creating the Transcend GPS, Zeal has made them a reality. Turn them on and the Transcend's micro-LCD screen will display lots of real-time info, including your speed, altitude and geo-location. And, thanks to the position of lens and the screen in the bottom right-hand corner, the display appears to be metres rather than millimetres in front of you.

Sony Ericsson Display LiveView phone remote | Men's Fitness UK
Sony Ericsson Display LiveView phone remote

A must-have for any runner with an Android smartphone, this is a touchscreen Bluetooth remote for your phone that clips on to pretty much anything, including a wristband (which is ideal for runners). The bright, clear micro-display mirrors your phone and gives you control over your handset's music, fitness, text and social network apps. This means you no longer need to keep pulling out your phone if you want to change tracks, check emails or, if you've got an app such as Sporty Pal Pro, your speed and heart rate during a run.

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