Complete arms workout

man holding dumbbell
31 Mar 2015

Build bulging biceps and triceps with this complete arms workout

The best legs exercises you’re not doing

Man doing pistol squat
31 Mar 2015

The six most underrated legs exercises

Protein shake recipes

protein powder
30 Mar 2015

Upgrade your protein shake and use protein powder to make delicious, nutritious smoothies

5x5 workout: The Texas Method

man doing deadlift
30 Mar 2015

Get bigger and stronger than ever with the Deep South 5x5 workout plan

Chest and back giant set workout

man's pecs
27 Mar 2015

Pack on muscle on your chest and back while torching fat with this giant set workout

What to expect at the Optimum Fitness Challenge

27 Mar 2015

Watch this video guide so you know exactly what to expect at the Optimum Fitness Challenge

Half marathon training plan

Men's Fitness half marathon plan | Men's Fitness UK
Training Plans
27 Mar 2015

Smash your first half marathon with ease by following this simple 12-week training plan

The best sports and running headphones

sports headphones
Buying Guides
27 Mar 2015

Reviews of the best sports and running headphones currently available