The Paleo Diet explained

man carrying rock
22 Apr 2014

A comprehensive guide to the Paleo Diet investigating the potential health benefits of thinking like a caveman

21 high protein foods

beef jerky
22 Apr 2014

Here are 21 high protein foods with additional health benefits

Can a heart rate monitor make you a better athlete?

mf editor nick hutchings
22 Apr 2014

MF editor Nick Hutchings strapped on the Polar V800 HRM at the Cannes Triathlon to see if it would improve his performance

Testosterone booster salad

salad with eggs and beans
17 Apr 2014

Try this muscle-building salad for a speedy post-workout testosterone booster

Healthy chicken wings recipe

Healthy chicken wings
17 Apr 2014

Skip the buffet queue and feast on chicken wings at home with this recipe from chef Adam Gray

Upper-body gymnastics workout

man doing gymnastics workout
17 Apr 2014

Gymnasts have amazing upper-body strength, follow this video workout to improve yours

Protein packed cobb salad: 10-minute meal

cobb salad
16 Apr 2014

Packed with protein and damn tasty too, this healthy Cobb salad can be made in just 10 minutes